Battlezone Rise of the Black Dogs – Nintendo 64

$23.99 $49.99


After years of brutal warfare, the Earth has been ripped to shreds by countless Mech-battles and is mostly thought to be a lost cause. Alien artifacts recently discovered on the moon could turn the tide of the war, so American, Soviets, and Black Dog troops scramble for control of the devices. Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs features advanced space-based tank combat, sniper capability and death-match intensity. Regardless of whether you’re a lone wolf who prefers to wade into battle alone, or you’re a team player who digs being a part of a massive battle campaign, Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs has got something for everyone! With three modes of play, Battlezone gives you the power to define your combat experience – the only remaining question is how long you’ll be around to use it.

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