Blast Corps – Nintendo 64

$13.99 $29.99


Inspired be the arcade classic from the 1980’s the plot centers around a good-verses-evil yarn; where two neighboring countries are in the midst of war. A pair of defective nuclear missiles, en route to a safe detonation site, has begun to leak. Badly damaged, the carrier automatically locks onto the most direct route. Clear a path to help the carrier arrive safely. Tons of vehicles are at your disposal. Leave nothing standing or the adventure will end in an earth-shattering explosion! Players control one of two Bionic Commandos; who serve the good country Karinia. Your goal is to overthrow the tyrannical Avar Empire which is planning a large-scale assault on the Commandos’ home turf. Find the hidden technicians to ensure a safe detonation. Strap on your seat belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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