Body Harvest – Nintendo 64

$17.99 $39.99


The year is 2016 and mankind has been annihilated, hunted to extinction by a century of alien attacks. One small chance for survival remains if someone travels back in time to thwart the alien attacks and stop the invasions. Genetically enhanced marine, Adam Drake, must make the trip into the far reaches of Earth’s history. His goal – stop the alien body harvest. The game covers five gigantic levels spanning more than a century including Greece 1916, Java 1941, America 1966, Siberia 1991, and the Alien Comet 2016. Each time period is defined by a unique set of weapons and vehicles, including planes, tanks, cars, trucks, and bikes! With over 70 different types of aliens to overcome and more than 60 vehicles to take pilot, you’ll be on edge until the final showdown.

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