Gauntlet Legends – Nintendo 64

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Sumner, a benevolent mage, has crafted a number of great towers to celebrate his prowess in the art of magic. Within these towers are portals to the different Gauntlet realms. Sumner’s vile brother, Garm, using the portals for his own selfish purposes, has accidentally released the powerful demon lord Skorne. And now Skorne, along with his army of undead warriors, is planning to wreak havoc in the mortal world. Sumner needs you and the other heroes of the Gauntlet Legends to fight the undead warriors, weaken Skorne’s power, and help send Skorne back to the dark netherworld where he belongs. Destroy evil forces in the 7 kingdoms and experience 3 never-before-seen worlds filled with new enemies, traps and treasures!

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