Pokemon, Silver Version



Product Description

Pokemon Gold and Silver is going to be the top-selling game on the Game Boy Color system, regardless of what this review says. Pokemon is not a fad, it’s here to stay, and this new Game Boy Color series is only going to fuel the blaze of popularity further.


Featuring a new adventure that’s filled with numerous enhancements and innovations, this long-awaited sequel to Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow greatly improves upon the series’ winning formula, and makes for an even more insanely addictive and wholly absorbing gaming experience.

Like Pokémon Gold–which essentially is the same story, with minor gameplay variations–Pokémon Silver casts players in the familiar role of a young Pokémon Trainer who’s out to collect as many different kinds of Pokémon as possible. As in previous games, gameplay consists mostly of exploration (completing various quests in the process) and Pokémon battles, which employ a unique battle system that’s like a complex twist on rock-paper-scissors.

But, despite the similarities, it’s quite apparent that Pokémon Silver is a whole new ball game from the start. The game is played out in real time, with the current time and day of the week (recorded by an internal clock) having a direct impact on gameplay elements, such as what Pokémon you’ll find in the wild, and when certain events occur and characters appear.

While there are too many new and improved features in Pokémon Silver to list here, among the highlights are 100 new Pokémon (including two new types), new evolution processes (including breeding), and a more streamlined game interface that has better-organized menus and button shortcuts.

Although it’s easier to progress in Pokémon Silver than in the previous games, the sheer amount of fun and game time that’s involved is daunting. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value than this one. –Joe Hon


  • Insanely addictive and wholly absorbing gaming experience
  • Time and day of week impact gameplay directly
  • Bevy of new features and hidden secrets
  • Improved graphics and more streamlined game interface Cons:
    • Minor compatibility issues when using Game Link with previous versions