PowerPuff Girls Chemical X-Traction – Nintendo 64

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Your turn to fight: Powerpuff Girls style! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup battle some of the vilest villains to ever walk the earth in The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction. They need you to help them fight it out in scary arenas such as MoJo JoJo’s lair, the Townville city dump, and Fuzzy’s shack. Chemical X-Traction features two modes of play: the main Story Mode and the Simulator Mode, which can be played with one or two players. It’s up to you to take control and fight each of the Townsville villains and win back all the Chemical X before it’s too late!

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Golden Shell, Gray Shell, GREY SHELL VERSION V1.01, GREY SHELL VERSION V1.10