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Syphon Filter‘s balance of an intriguing storyline and thrilling mission-based gameplay rightfully earned the game lots of critical acclaim and a position on the 1999 bestsellers chart. Syphon Filter 2 introduces a new set of objectives requiring smarts, stealth, and a steady aim while running (and kneeling, crouching, walking, rolling, climbing, jumping) through multiple levels.

In the game, players assume the roles of secret agents Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing. Framed for a crime they did not commit, the two must race against the clock in order to prevent the sale of the Syphon Filter virus to a terrorist nation. Played from a third-person point of view, the story takes gamers from the streets of Moscow to the Agency’s secret Syphon Filter lab. Such a dangerous mission requires effective weapons and gadgets; naturally, the agency provides an arsenal of more than 25 enemy-stoppers, including a cross bow, a sniper rifle with a night-vision scope, tear gas, binoculars, and other goodies. New to the series is a two-player, split-screen mode featuring fast head-to-head combat action in 20 arenas. –Eric Twelker


Although it’s not nearly as well crafted as Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter 2 will definitely appeal to those looking for something more than your basic shoot-’em-up. The gritty espionage plot here is a continuation from the original game, with players once again controlling Gabe Logan and, for the first time, Lian Xing, two operatives on the lam from their former outfit, the Agency.

Syphon Filter 2 is broken up into missions bridged by cinematic story sequences; players must successfully complete each mission’s objectives in order to progress to the next one. While gameplay is rigidly linear, there’s great variety in the mission objectives, 3-D environments, and weapons/equipment of each mission.

Not a game for the easily frustrated, Syphon Filter 2 involves a lot of trial-and-error replay, along with the requisite cursing and throwing of the controller. While each mission objective is clearly stated, many of them aren’t as straightforward as one would think. A vague control scheme–your character can jump, but there’s no jump button–along with the fact that it’s really easy to die add more fuel to one’s ire. –Joe Hon


  • Gritty espionage plot
  • Variety of mission objectives, 3-D environments, weapons, and equipment Cons:
    • Frustrating trial-and-error gameplay and vague control scheme
    • Poorly designed two-player split-screen mode

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